Ribbon Bookmarks, So Much Better Than a Spaghetti Noodle

I am a reader of books, and as a reader of books, I often find myself in need of bookmarks.  I usually grab whatever's handy--a library receipt, a Kleenex, a wisp of string, a dry spaghetti noodle.  (Yes, I actually did that once.  But it was a cookbook, so that's appropriate, right?)  

But here's a better idea:

I discovered this on Everyday Beauty.  She used all velvety ribbon, but I had trouble finding velvet in the right width, so I used some gross-grain and satiny ribbon, as well.  You can get the little end clips here.  Then you just pinch them on with pliers and attach whatever bauble you like to the end.  (I raided my earring drawer for a few, got one at a garage sale, and am still searching for a few more.)

Much better!