Moe Speaks: In Which I Defended Mom's Life

I defended Mom's life the other day.  Dad says she was never in harm's way, and Mom was completely not worried throughout the entire incident--but they obviously didn't understand the danger, of course.

It all started when we were sitting outside after Mom got home from work.  She was making things with sticks and yarn with her hands, and kicking the ball for me with her feet.  Porter--whose senses are obviously not as sharp as mine--was napping in the sun.

All of a sudden, out of the corner of my eye, I caught a bit of movement right up next to the house.  I ran over to investigate, and Mom put her sticks down and followed me.  She told me to "wait" so I did.  (Note from Meryl: And my heart about burst with pride.)  But I didn't take my eye off the little slithery-slider even for a second.  

Because it was, in fact, a slithery-slider.

Once Mom gave me the "OK" I ran in closer to investigate.  The slithery-slider was obviously scared to death of my terrier-stare, and when I barked at it, it quickly slunk into a hidey hole before I could rip it to shreds for coming near my mother.  I watched its hole for awhile longer, but the coward didn't dare to show its face again with me on the alert!