First Plantings in a New Bit of Earth

So, the couple we're buying the house from? Nicest people ever.  And the male half of the couple is an avid gardener (which may be a little redundant with my first sentence), and so immediately understood the problem with moving into a house in the middle of June.  (I.e., you can't plant veggies at the old place because you'll be gone before the plants mature, but you can't wait to plant veggies at the new place because, darn-it, then you wouldn't get your first tomato until sometime in August which is just too much of a tragedy to even be contemplated!)  That being the case, he invited us over this week to put some plants in at the new house--yay!

But, um, here's the thing.  Ya know how I've been bitching for years about not having enough space and having to cram plants together and yaddie-yadda?  Well, that's not a problem anymore.  


This is just about half of the new veggie garden space (and the herbs and asparagus are in the completely separate "Druid Circle of Goodness" Herb Garden).  It's basically 4 beds, all of which are about 18' x 4' ish, or a little over double the size of the Burrow Garden.  I actually thought I might have gone a little overboard buying plants at the nursery.  I got NINE tomatoes (yes, that's NINE), three peppers, a squash, a pumpkin, some okra, and an eggplant.  All of those plants barely filled two of the beds, and that was with generous spacing and making room for some lettuce and spinach and peas that were already planted.

It kinda feels like I'm moving onto a plantation.

Standing there looking over it all, I couldn't help but think to myself, "What the heck am I going to fill these other two beds with?"  Given time to think it over however....maybe some corn, and green beans, and garlic--ohhh, a lot of garlic!--and potatoes, oh, and carrots and radishes and Brussels sprouts and....the possibilities!

But, for now--if you can read my scribbley-scrawl--this is what got planted: