Moe Speaks: Tips and Tricks Part 2: No More Halties!

IMG_5107 Hello there doggies!  Today another tip for training your humans--no more Halties!

Like many of your humans, I'm sure, my mom and dad are under the mistaken impression that they should be comfortable on my walks.  So they bought this black, strappy thing called a Haltie that goes over my nose and keeps me from pulling them along when they're walking too slow.  Not good!

I've tried getting out of it by rubbing my nose in the grass.  Doesn't work at all, so don't waste your time.  Instead, convince your humans to take it off for you, like I did.  How, you ask?

Well, your best chance is to wait until the weather's kind of muggy.  Act really hot--tongue lolling out, panting, the works!  Then, start hanging back a little bit.  Walk really slow, and maybe even pretend something is wrong with one of your feet.  (This will probably get you a paw inspection, but it's a small price to pay.)  

Before long, your mom (or whichever of your parents is the bigger softie--in my house it happens to be mom) will feel bad for you.  She will worry that you're getting too hot, and off the wretched Haltie will come!  (She might carry you for a little while too if you're carry-able.  While this limits opportunities to sniff, if you drape your head over her shoulder and really play it up, you might even get to play in the hose when you get home!)