Guest Blogging Morels at The Kitchn

Morels I have a fun little guest blog on morels up today over at The Kitchn.  Faithful readers will recognize the recipe from last week, but for this new post I "interviewed" a few friends who regularly forage for morels so there's a lot more about how to actually find them.  A brief excerpt:

"[T]he first rule of morel foraging is that you don’t talk about morel foraging. Or, at least, you don’t talk about where to look.  I learned this the hard way one day last spring, when I saw Nice Neighbor hauling in a big load of morels and innocently asked him, 'So, where’s a good place to go look for those around here, anyway?' He looked at me like I’d asked for the password to his bank account, laughed a little, and said, 'Yeah right, like I’d tell you that!'"

To read the rest see, How to Hunt for Morel Mushrooms (Plus a Recipe).