Barefoot Bloggers: Tuna Salad


This month's first Barefoot Bloggers recipe was Ina's Tuna Salad, chosen by Kate of Warm Olives and Cool Cocktails.

I think that many, many people would love this recipe.  

But the thing is, I am a sushi whore, and if I'm going to buy a big old chunk of sushi grade ahi, letting it touch a hot cooking surface seems...wrong.  And dousing it in lime and hot sauce and other various condiments makes me feel like I'm just going to hell.

I was brave and tried the recipe as written (well, I did a fourth of the recipe as written, 2 pounds of tuna would have broken the bank), but honestly, like a certain fictional character, I like my fishies "raw and wriggling"...with just a touch of soy sauce!

Really, though, I bet if you like cooked fish you would like this recipe.  See the link above for full details.  :)