A Scooter Ralley

Let me start by saying, I'm not a car girl.  When people start talking about engines and brakes and models and what-have-you, my eyes glaze over and I want to throw things.  I like cars that are pretty colors, and that's all I know or want to know.

But the scooter thing is a bit different.  Maybe it's just because they're cuter than cars.  Maybe it's because they at least seem to not have as many complicated parts.  Maybe it's because of the type of people who are drawn to ride them--lotsa fun, but always a little quirky and non-conformist.  Whatever it is, they're great, and--although there's been plenty of good natured teasing involved in the process--I'm glad Sweet Husband has dragged me into the wide world of scooters.

To further my immersion, I joined Sweet Husband yesterday afternoon and evening at the Mad Toto Scooter Club Tornado R'ally (he stayed the whole weekend, but I hung out at home to tend to the doggies).   It was pretty cool just to see so many different kinds of scooters all in one place--from several that were just very pretty, to a few that were awesomely weird:

I got there after most of the organized "rides", but we did zoom around just a little with a smaller group of scoots.  After it got dark, the organizers set up an obstacle course called a gymcanna.  People (not including Sweet Husband, just FYI if either of our mommies are reading this) rode their scooters along balance-beam like rails, in and out of obstacles, over ramps--you name it!

If it feels like a scene from some sort of motorcycle gang movie, that's because it was!  And while that part of it is definitely not for me, the day did leave me with a definite hankering to perhaps, just maybe, think about doing some shopping for a scooter of my own.