My Yarn Basket Runneth Over

I think I may have a problem.  It's a problem that, while new to me, seems to be common for people who knit.  In short, my lust for yarn is outstripping the speed with which I can knit it into usable items.


In the past two weeks I've cast-on Shalom, Clapotis, and a Chevron Stipes Hand Towel. Despite all that I'm so fighting the urge to start a pair of Bella's Mittens (yes, I know it's almost June, but did you see how cool they looked in the Twilight movie?), and I really, really want to order this kit for a Habu Scarf (it's metal yarn, dude, what other reason do you need?)  

In my defense, I didn't buy new yarn for Shalom, but I did buy two or three skeins of washcloth making yarn for monthly knit-a-longs (despite the fact that I have several skeins of Sugar n' Cream just hanging out) so I probably only broke even.  

Further, again in my defense, I've actually finished a baby kicking bag (for the millionth time, it's so the baby can kick, not for kicking the baby--and it was the most delightful, meditative thing to knit in the whole wide world), a single bootie (yeah, it's kind of club-footed, but really that's what the pattern looks like), and a hat (fit only for the Arctic tundra, but maybe Sweet Husband will wear it next winter when it gets really cold?).

Nonetheless, I'm thinking the yarn buying must least until I finish one of the projects I've got going.  There are only so many things you can knit at once, especially considering that I only have two hands....It's just that there's something so comforting about having a big old basket of yarn to run my fingers through.  All the textures and colors...all the possibilities...but really no more.