Gone Packing...and Shopping!

So, pending uber-final approval of everything, we're moving in just a little over two weeks.  Crazy to think, yes?  

Right now we're living in a box city, so cooking and gardening and knitting and all the things I usually blog about are just a little bit difficult.  Which is to say, I'm going to be splotchy here for the next few weeks, as I concentrate on more pressing matters....like furniture!

As my poor friends who've heard about it non-stop can attest, one thing I'm really excited about--major props to Barack and Congress for the tax credit--is getting to replace some of our old furniture with pretty, pretty new furniture. (Seriously, our old couch is literally splitting into shreds.  If it were legal, I'd light the thing on fire and dance joyously as it burned.)  

To that end, we did a bit of window shopping this weekend. I'm sure the sales people we talked to thought we were hilarious.  And indeed, we have definitely become "those crazy dog people".

Me to Sweet Husband: "This couch looks like it will hold up well to Porter's naps, but what about Moe digging in the cushions?"

Sweet Husband in reply: "And do you think it's tall enough that he can squeeze under it to get his own ball when it rolls under there?"

But despite the "dog friendly" issues, I think we just might have a living room picked out.  We'll probably make the bookcase/tv thingy ourselves (because IKEA is STU-pid and won't let us order it online) and paint it to match the walls, which are a really pretty light grey.  And, of course, imagine a few funky throw pillows on the couch, and tons of books and yarn littered throughout....

Anyway, what d'ya think?
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