Three Things Making Me Happy Today

1. Paint colors.  This blue is exactly the color I was thinking of for the spare bedroom.  And I'm considering this plummy color for the bathroom, although I think it might be too dark?  But it looks so pretty with that green.  Then again, maybe we should just extend the living room grey into the upstairs hallway, and paint both bedrooms light blue and the bathroom slightly darker blue?  Ehhh, this is hard!  (But it's so much more fun than "Apartment Cream".)

2. This video.  Sent from Sweet Husband via his newly updated g-phone.  (Mine is still not updated, by the way, if the Google gods are listening.)  I know it's blurry, but Moe's "WTF?!" response to Sweet Husband's efforts is darling.

3.  NIN and Jane's Addiction.  Live tonight, with Nice Sister-and-Brother-In-Law and Nice Friend.  Thanks again for the tickets Nice In-Laws!