Food Gardens Galore


Yesterday afternoon we biked around to a four or five spots on the Lawrence Food Garden Tour.

It's so incredible to me what committed people are doing with their food gardens!  

While a few of the stops were what you would expect--i.e. small, backyard family gardens--most were more on the scale of urban farms.  At the place where I photographed these chickens, the proud gardener told me that he and his partner were actively trying to see how much food they could produce on their city lot with the least expense.  He left me with little doubt but that they don't have to buy an outside vegetable all summer.  While that kind of effort is not necessarily for me, it was nonetheless very impressive!

And the chickens....there were two stops that each had flocks of about 10 birds.  Although I was a slacker and didn't take the pictures I should have, I was interested to see just how simple their coop setups were.  I think it will be very doable for us to build our own little coop next spring.  (Any maybe even put it on the food garden tour for next summer!)