Our First Kiwi Crate


May I confess a fear?  Will you mothers and fathers who have 3 or 5 or 10 children that you homeschool all day, every day promise not to laugh?

Having two kids scares me a little.  Because Saturday afternoon witching hour.

There were times in the Kid's babyhood that we barely made it through until Sweet Husband got home from work.  And this time I'm going to be outnumbered.  Plus, the Kid has a big school break just a few weeks after Little Miss is supposed to make her arrival, so it really is going to be the 3 of us, for days at a time, probably with crappy winter weather and no sleep.  

My tummy gets twisty when I even start to think about it.

But I believe in being pro-active about my fears, so I'm trying to put together a few "pre-packaged" activities for the Kid for when things get too crazy and I need to even the odds.  

To that end, a few weeks ago we tried out our first Kiwi Crate.

Kiwi Crate is a monthly subscription service (although you can also buy single crates) of craft kits for kids.  Each box comes with directions and everything you need to make 2-3 craft projects.

The projects in our June "camping" themed box were a sun-printed backpack and a tissue paper campfire.  

The Kid and I both enjoyed the backpack.  I'm a "product oriented" crafter, so I could see its usefulness.  While the Kid couldn't have cared less about the finished product, he loved painting the fabric.  

And it really did come with absolutely everything we needed to make it.  I had to get the Kid started, but he was able to continue fairly independently--a win all around!

I was more dubious about the campfire.  I couldn't really see the Kid playing with it once it was finished, and I was afraid it would just turn into a dust collector.  

Wonderfully, I was wrong.  The Kid immediately fell in love with the flame-less candle that makes the fire flicker, and--far from collecting dust--it's made a sweet, summer-themed night light.

I don't think there's any way he could have put the campfire together by himself--the glue and tissue paper required just a little too much dexterity--but we had a lot of fun putting it together as a family.  The Kid has been asking when we can do another "project" together ever since.

Bottom line?  While Kiwi Crate may not be a "hand it to the Kid and walk away" kind of thing, the sheer convenience of having a craft project all put together and knowing it will work is awesome.  I do believe we'll be ordering a few more crates to keep the new-baby, winter crazies at bay--if we wait that long!

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