Barefoot Bloggers: Curried Couscous


This month's first Barefoot Blogger's recipe is the Barefoot Contessa's Curried Couscous, chosen by Ellyn of Recipe Collector and Tester.

As a brief digression, when my little brother and I were both at home still, Nice Mom used to make up these huge bowls of pasta salad in the summertime.  It was a really basic recipe--curly pasta, tomatoes, olives, and cheese, all thoroughly soaked in Italian vinaigrette--but lordy was it good on a hot day.  We used to get in trouble, because, rather than taking time to dish out an individual portion, we would just grab a fork and eat it straight from the big batch.  "Get a bowl!" Nice Mom would exasperatedly yell at us.

While this curried couscous is a completely different animal from Nice Mom's pasta salad, it seems to create the same impulse.  (And since we're down to plastic utensils and plates, eating straight from the fridge is also more environmentally friendly, right?  Right!)  I used cilantro instead of parsley (which I pretty much always do--I don't like parsley at all), and peas instead of carrots.  And the lovely thing about couscous is that you don't even have to watch it cook--just pour over boiling water and let it hang out until it's done.  Easy-peasy and yummy!  See the link above for the recipe.