This is the part where....

First, this is the part where I say THANK YOU... our Nice Mommies who came up and scrubbed and lifted and organized and made beds (and were patient with our impatience)... Nice Brother who carried lots of heavy furniture (among other things, a washer and dryer down basement stairs that are really more like a glorified ladder)... Sweet Sister who is still here helping me paint and pick out things (truly, she has better taste at 11 than I will ever have)... Thoughtful Friends who painted and brought food and cold drinks (enough said)... Nice New Neighbor who came over and helped us push beds up onto the roof so we could get them in through the bedroom window (hundred year old houses are not necessarily conducive to modern-sized beds, one of many things I've learned in the past few days)... everyone who has been sending nice congratulatory notes and comments here and on Facebook and via email (I haven't had time to respond to much of anything, but I do so appreciate all the good juju you all are sending my way!)....

Second, this is also the part where I (figuratively) sit in the middle of the floor and cry.  Because tomorrow we might finish painting, but there are still tons of boxes to haul away and little things to go get and even a few boxes to unpack still.  And I can't even think about the yard yet, because there are tomatoes starting and lettuce to be harvested and weeding to be done and once I go outside I'll never come back in.  And then eventually someone will have to go get groceries.  And curtains.  And a fence. 

Then there's the fact that I'd forgotten how that first few weeks in a new house it always feels like you're hemorrhaging money.  Not to mention that I have blue paint in my hair, even after three showers.  Not to mention that we still have our whole entire old house to clean, and I could make a sweater with the dog hair that's collected there, behind the washer and dryer alone!  (But will not, because that would be even more disgusting than the fact that the hair was is there....)

But last, this is the part where I take a deep breath, trust that we'll get it all done somehow, someday, and go to sleep in my pretty little new house.  And that is the good part indeed!  Pictures soon, I promise!