Two Gardens on the First Day of Summer

This morning, we had breakfast on our lovely little screened in back porch (the only place we have proper chairs just yet), after which I told Sweet Husband I was going to go out and make a quick walk through the garden, just to see if there was anything worth picking.  An hour later--with a fistful of onions, some okra, and some peas--I knocked on the backdoor and asked him to turn on the hose for me, because I was too muddy to come into the house without showering off first.

As I said before, once I got going out there I really didn't want to stop.  Not that I even put a dent in the work that actually needs to be done, but I did get the veggie beds weeded enough to give the tomatoes a little breathing room, at least.  There are squash bugs breeding (yes, I actually caught a pair doing the deed), and some sort of evil prickly thing growing, but those issues will just have to wait until another day.  One wonderful thing I did discover is that the new garden is nicely shaded until about eleven in the morning, so I predict several more nice, cool Sunday mornings of weeding will be in my future!

A shot of the new garden:

And, last but not least, a shot of the old house and garden, which I said goodbye to this afternoon.  Although I'm terribly happy that we now have wonderful things--like a level stove-top and a glorious amount of space to grow things in--I was still a little sad to leave it.  Especially today, when it's at that perfect point of flowers right on the brink of blooming....I know the new garden will be so much better once it's all fenced, and weeded, and worked over, and shined...but...but....