Moe Speaks: Mom Knocked Me Silly On the Scary Stairs

Hey everybody!  It's been awhile I know, but I've been ever-so-busy exploring and supervising at the new place.  I really like it so far, except for one little thing....the tricksey, evil, scary basement stairs.


Now, I'm a very brave dog, but it took even me a few days to be brave enough to try these stairs.  They're wicked steep, and the concrete floor at the bottom?  Not soft at all.  But the really scary part is that there are sneaky dangers, like the one that got me today.

Mom didn't realize that I had followed her downstairs, so when she came back up she shut the door.  When she realized I was still down there, she went to open the door for me, but I wasn't back far enough.  The door swept me over the left edge of the stairs and I landed on my back on the concrete floor--ouch!  

I'm comfortable enough in my doghood to admit, I cried just a little--it really hurt!  Mom scooped me up real quick, and took me upstairs to Dad.  At first I felt OK, but then I got a little woozy.  (Meryl: He was doing some sort of drunken-crab-walk and his eyes were rolling back in his head--scared the bejeezus out of me!)  Mom and Dad were pretty worried, so it was into the car for a surprise visit to my doctor.

Of course, by the time we got there I was feeling better.  I'm a terrier after all, I bounce back fast!  But my doctor still looked my legs over and shined a funny light in my eyes.  The verdict? No broken bones, no neurological damage--whatever the heck that is--basically, Doc said Mom must've just knocked me silly.  She gave me some good drugs in case I was in pain later and sent us on our way.

(Meryl: And, of course, he was back on the darned stairs almost instantaneously!  Thought I might have knocked some sense into him, but no such luck....)