Living the Dream

I keep a list of ten things--some serious, some silly--that I want to do before I die.  I update it once every couple of years, or whenever I think of it.  I like to go back and giggle at the stuff that was important to me way back when.  

For several years running, one of the things on the list, among chickens and learning to play violin, has been, "Have a whole room full of bookshelves, all full of books."  I'm now checking this one off because, as of Tuesday evening I have--if not an entire room--at least a really big wall full of bookshelves that are (mostly) full of books. 

This wonder was built by one of Sweet Husband's art school friends, Mr. Jeff McGee (who has also made the coolest life-sized "puppet" I've ever seen, as well as lots of other beautiful stuff).  I initially thought it might not be enough space, but (as you can see from the sparseness on some of the shelves) I think the "one in, one out" rule I was planning to institute can happily wait a few years.  


Also, please note the especially lovely topmost shelf....all Harry, all out and pretty for the world to see.  (Except that my American edition of Order of the Phoenix has gone AWOL in the shuffle--drrrr!)  Now about those chickens....