Weekend iPhoneography

We spent the weekend in the hometown with the fam.

First, the weather!  Lordy was it not January-like.  We took advantage with a trip to the park, where the Kid's uncle and auntie (and dada) ran him ragged.  The baby was passed back and forth.  We soaked in the Vitamin D.  It was awesome.

Second, I finally downloaded Afterlight for my phone.  I have been a faithful PicTapGo! user (with a little TiltShift thrown in for fun every so often), but I've been taking so many pictures with my phone lately (because I can do it one-handed, because the SLR is one more thing to carry) that I was ready for a new toy.

All of my pictures will be hazy with subtle light leaks from now on, just because I can.  Sorry.

But, truly, I'm loving it, and, what's more, it got me thinking that perhaps there are other iPhone photo apps out there that are fabulous that I haven't tried yet.  Any fellow Instagram junkies wanna share your secrets?  Leave all your favorite photo apps in the comments.