The "Fend For Yourself Little Veggies" Garden


Remember how excited I was that we were able to "pre-plant" a veggie garden at the new house?  I imagined myself moving right in and getting to spend evenings tending it right away.  Harvesting bushels of tomatoes and keeping it beautifully weeded....HA!

Poor little garden, other than one early Sunday morning weed-massacre-and-tomato-tying-up-session, it hasn't been touched.  No watering, no gentle evening tending, nothing.  (Really, I'm lucky we've had rain.  I don't even know that the amount of hose I have will reach.)  There have just been too many other pressing demands, unfortunately.

Nonetheless, there are some veggies fending for themselves pretty well out there....clockwise....some okra that's getting way too big (Recipes anyone?)....a pumpkin....lots of almost ripe tomatoes (YAY!)....and a butternut squash.