Would you like some tomatoes with those chairs?

As we were moving into the house (was it really less than a month ago?) Nice Mother-In-Law found this pair of chairs in the basement.  They were old and wobbly and kind of a nasty dark-colored wood.  I'll be the first to admit I was a little skeptical when she brought them upstairs and insisted on cleaning them up, but eventually they grew on me.  They moved from the porch to the living room, and, once there, I decided they were just the thing to flank our little chessboard table.  With some paint, of course.


I actually originally thought of painting our dining room chairs (not here yet, but on the way) this color, but, well, you have to be committed to have "Tangerine Peel" chairs as part of your permanent decor.  But since these guys were freebies anyway, it didn't seem like as much of a risk.  If I hate 'em in two months, I can put them on the curb and someone will gladly take them, I'm sure.  In the meantime--voila--cute chairs!


And what are those things on the chair to the right?  So glad you asked!  They are the first tomatoes of the summer!  A bit late this year perhaps--according to Nice Grandpa's "first tomato by the 4th of July" rule--but sampling proved that they are tasty all the same.