Barefoot Bloggers: Pasta with Sun-Dried Tomatoes

IMG_5358 This month's first Barefoot Bloggers recipe was the Contessa's Pasta with Sun-Dried Tomatoes chosen by Cat of Delta Whiskey

I didn't think I really liked sun-dried tomatoes.  I've always had the dried ones--rather than the ones packed in oil--and even when they're reconstituted they have a leathery texture that I don't care for.  But, while I was chopping up the packed-in-oil tomatoes for this recipe, I sampled a little bite of one...and then another, and another until I'd had half the jar....They're so tangy, just the right amount of crunchy, super tomatoey--in short, addictive!

The rest of the pasta was good too.  I cut the mozzarella cheese in half--that's a lot of moz there, Ina--but otherwise made the recipe as written.  Salty capers and olives, creamy cheese, nutty whole wheat pasta, basil, tomatoes (both regular and the sun-dried lovelies)--this one's so a keeper!  It was perfect for dinner in our "summer dining room", a.k.a. our screened-in back porch, or the only dining room that currently has chairs!  For the recipe, see the link above.