Moe Speaks: My Vast Domain


Would you check out what Mom and Dad got me?  My very own little kingdom full of smells and dirt and squirrels and grass!  

They've been working on it for awhile now, but tonight the fence was officially finished and I got to chase balls all night long.  

I think Mom and Dad are also pretty happy.  Ever since we moved to this new place, we've been taking about five walks a day.  While it's been nice to get to check out the neighborhood all the time, I think they like it better when they don't have to be on the other end of my leash.

Of course, Porter immediately began looking for a secret passageway to get outside of the fence, but so far she hasn't come up with any.  While life certainly is nice within our fence, I can see how being able to get out of it could come in handy if, say, a cat was teasing us from outside.

Here's a closer shot--any doggy see any weaknesses?