Moe Speaks: I Have an Itch to Scratch


OhmyDOG have I been itchy lately!  Darned 'skeeters are biting me like it's going out of style and I do not like it!

The other day Mom got worried about it and sent out an APB--who had ideas for an itchy terrier?  My pal Fergus' mom responded with a suggestion for the full anti-itch treatment.  I was bathed, sprayed, powdered, bandaged, and...this is so embarrassing...onesie'd!

Of course, I didn't put up with that for long.  Although I'll admit that the bath and stuff was very soothing, the baby clothes bit had to go.  I figured out those snappy things pretty fast, so Mom let me wear my "Squirrel Patrol" t-shirt instead--not as good as being nekked, but at least I don't look as STU-pid.  Still having to wear the EVIL CONE and a dumb band-aid on a particularly bad itchy on my neck--although I ate part of it and threw it back up just to make sure Mom and Dad knew my opinion.

But there is a silver lining.  First, I do seem to be feeling less itchy.  Second, Mom felt guilty, so I got a new toy out of the deal.