Bit By Bit

Blog PostsAnd we have the living room!  Well, the walls are still a little bare, but that's one you can't rush so....

In both of the pictures to the right, you'll notice my little photo wall--it's one of my favorite things.  A few months ago, I saw this nifty idea, and knew I wanted to replicate it in our stairwell.  While we were in Ohio we visited Ikea (a magical place in some respects, in others kind of disturbing) and bought the necessary "clips" frames.  Then it was off to hanging them.

Except that I, apparently, cannot measure straight lines so much, so one night was spent hanging them, and the next re-hanging them.  But now that they're up, isn't it fun?  Black-and-white mish-mashed with color, and able to be changed with every new picture I take if I want to!

To the left, the orange chairs, of course.  And the couch--and the dogs who are constantly plotting to destroy it!