It's Like Halloween in August

IMG_5772 It's been unseasonably wonderful here these past few weeks.  Eighty degrees with a nice breeze during the day, chilly enough for a light sweater at night--so not like normal end-of-July, beginning-of-August, melt-you-into-puddles Kansas weather.

And then, the one little pumpkin I've been able to save from the squash bugs finally ripened up enough to pick.  I'm not quite ready for pumpkin risotto, so into the freezer he went.  But the smell as I was cutting him up, and the squishiness of pumpkin goo in my fingers, brought on thoughts of Fall and leaves and popcorn balls like nobody's business!

I thought about roasting his seeds as a pre-pre-Halloween treat, but I decided that--as the only pumpkin to survive the squash bugs--his genes are too valuable for that.  I saved them for next year's planting instead.

If I can't wipe the squash bugs out, I'll breed them out!