A Small Smattering of Homemade Ketchup

IMG_5783 Here in Lawrence we are spoiled--spoiled I tell you!  In addition to having dozens of yummy restaurants to eat at, a good number of those restaurants just happen to make their own ketchup.  

Once you've had the good stuff, the high-fructose-corn-syrup laden Heinz just doesn't cut it anymore.  So last weekend I decided to have a go at making my own ketchup.  I used this recipe from Jamie Oliver, and while it's still a titch too sweet for my tastes, it definitely beats the store-bought stuff.

The only downside?  The cost.  That's two pounds of tomatoes folks, plus all kinds of other veggies and spices.  And when it all cooked down, I was left with a mere pint of ketchup. :(  At that rate, I should really just go buy it from The Burger Stand or Teller's--even if they charged me by the tiny plastic thimble-like container-full, I'd probably come out ahead....

Does anyone know of a better way to make your own ketchup?  Or is there a different brand out there that I should try instead?