The Writing on the Wall

I was surfing over at Apartment Therapy the other day, when I saw this pretty house with rounded doors and writing on the walls.  I thought to myself, "I have a pretty house with rounded doors--maybe I should write on my walls too?"

And thus began a quest for what to write.  Although it shouldn't have been a quest really, because I should have known from the beginning what I would end up with, as it's practically my life's motto.  Nonetheless, I searched through Heinlein and Tolkien and many other wise-speaking people....I was about to give up when it finally hit me--perhaps the greatest song lyric ever sung, from "The Fall" by the Avett Brothers: "Only good things can come/To those who practice reason/And recognize good fun."  And so that was it.

Then, how to get it on the wall.  After researching, I decided the best method would be to print the lyrics on plain paper, tape them to the wall with graphite paper underneath, then trace the letters.  This left "penciled-in" letters on the wall, which I then could paint over with a paint pen.

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Just FYI for anyone who might consider trying this, your level and ruler are your bestest friends.  Use them.  Love them.  Also mandatory?  A friend, significant other, or Sweet Husband who--after you do those first few letters and are freaking out that you've just written on your wall and it looks like crap--will force you to keep going.  Because it's gonna look funky at first, but once it's all finished and touched up and stuff....not too bad, right?