Drowning in tomatoes. Please send deep freeze, thanks.


Crafty, tech-savvy buggers that they are, those darn Pendleton's sent out an email the other day advertising tomato "seconds" for fifty cents a pound.  Now I don't know what it's like where you all live, but here, organic (or even almost organic) tomatoes are more like three dollars a pound.  So, even if they were a little banged up, I was still like, "OK, OK, twist my freaking arm--I'll take some!"

When I called ahead (as directed by the email), the Nice Lady asked me, "How many pounds would you like?"

How many pounds would I like?  Crap, I didn't realize there were going to be hard questions....

"Ummm, how many do people usually get?"

"Well...."  I had obviously revealed myself as a novice tomato buyer.  "...that depends on how many you want....Some people just get ten or twenty pounds, some people get eighty, so....."

"OK, well I'll take twenty then."  

I tried to sound sure of myself.  Like I knew what to do with twenty pounds of tomatoes.  Like I knew what twenty pounds of tomatoes would even look like....

"Great, we'll have them ready for you later today then."  

She sweetly hid the fact that she knew I was a great big faker.


Later that afternoon, there were, not twenty, but almost thirty pounds of tomatoes waiting for me.  I used about ten pounds to make canned salsa, and roasted and froze the rest.  However, with the combination of strawberry jam, green beans, pumpkin, and now this big infusion of tomatoes--my freezer is officially done.  (Really, it told me itself, "NO MORE!")  

One day I'm going to open it up and everything is going to crash out on me.  I'll be one big vegetable stew--with strawberries.  (Don't worry, I'll have Sweet Husband take a picture.)  This all leads me to the conclusion that, maybe not this year, but certainly sometime soon, it's going to be time to get a deep freeze.