Taking a Break for My Grown-Up Stuff

We're moving away from the sweetness and light today.  I'm just not there.  I usually try really hard to leave work at work, but that's not going so well this week.  'Cause this week I have a soul sucker of a case and I can't make it stop.  One that's just so wrong and unfair that it makes me want to break all attorney decorum and just shout, "How the &*%$# can you think this is justice?".  But one that I know I'm ultimately going to be powerless to change the result in.

I'm like the Izzy Stevens of appellate defenders anyway--much too involved for conventional wisdom, much too bleeding heart, much too apt to see my clients as neglected strays who would've been fine if they had just had some love.  And this is the case where I'd cut the LVAT wire if I could, but there's just nothing analagous.  

I know I just need to buck up and quit whining.  I know this is part of what I signed up for.  And I know that the good days are very much worth the bad.  But crap does this suck....

Which is all to say, I'm going to be out for a few days while I try to knit myself out of this funk.  Back with more sweetness and light by the end of the week or so.