Love Quilt Update

It is now....10:05 p.m.  I am still in my pajamas.  (No not, "In my pajamas ready for bed," but "Still in my pajamas from this morning.")  This is in large part due to this:


Yup, it's the Love Quilt and it is ever-so-much closer to being finished than it was this morning.  I have it in blocks now.  Nine of them.  I ended up making 12 X 12 squares, which actually took care of most of the truly usable fabric.  The plan is to find some turquoise-y, solid fabric to connect the blocks together, then probably take it to a professional to have it quilted.  (Unless I just get crazy ambitious and decide to try myself, but I'm kind of thinking not.) 

The remains:


Not really good for much...or are they???  ;)