Knitting as Therapy


If someone with a psychology degree or similar could explain--why does knitting make things better?  

My brain has been on serious-crazy-worry overdrive these past few weeks (work stuff--the family's fine).  Often cooking helps with that, but with Little Miss impeding my desire to stand and chop for hours, my port in the storm has been a pile of yarn.

It's partly the repetition.  It's partly having something to do besides just fret.  It's partly that it takes just enough thought--it's distracting, but not mentally taxing in-and-of-itself.  It's partly that it's something I can actually finish.

Does all of that have a scientific name?

No matter, whatever it is, it's also quite handy.  I'm expecting to have other things to think of during December this year--like, a newborn--so I'm using this opportunity to get ahead on my Christmas knitting.  

Of course, I can't show you all most of that.  Except this sweater, which is for Little Miss.  

It's a nubby little thing, but I like it.  I had to size up the needles two sizes.  (The size recommended would have made a doll sweater.)  But I just used an odd bit of yarn that was hanging around, so as to be frugal.  And it's fun how little yarn and time it takes when you're making tiny things!