Our Newest Science Experiment

So, I don't know if y'all have noticed, but I'm kind of on a food preserving kick here.  It's kind of like being crafty for me, except with food instead of yarn and fabric and things.  I've canned, I've roasted, I've frozen...this newest bit is just the next step.


Yes, that is a food dehydrator.  If you love me you won't laugh, because I already feel like kind of an infomercial host.

But really, you should see all the cool stuff it can do!  Since it got here last weekend, Sweet Husband and I have been constantly experimenting with one thing or another.  First it was, "I'm going to try some tomatoes!"  Then, "Let's do apples next!"  Then, "Oh, hey, don't forget the peaches!"  And the results have actually been really good--I could eat these dried tomatoes 'till the cows come home.  (Which would be awhile as we do not, in fact, own cows.)  The only thing that's a little tricky is figuring out when the food is actually dried enough, but for now we're just watching it closely.


Alright...you can tease me about being Ron Popeil if you want to...as long as I get to munch on dried apple sticks while you do it!