Chairs Chairs Everywhere!

IMG_6243 Last Saturday morning the long awaited dining room chairs arrived!  The color--which we did pick out--was a little "oh-my-god-what-have-we-done" at first, but as soon as the initial little shock wore off I was in love with them.

It feels very homey to be able to eat dinner inside the house.  Not that the porch hasn't been lovely this summer, but sitting down to our first meal around the new/old table (it's a wonderful antique hand-me-down from Sweet Husband's grandparents) was just so much less...transient?  Even if it was only Jimmy John's sandwiches!

In other chair news, last weekend we also made-over yet another old chair from the basement.  I don't think I've every had a house come with so much furniture before!

This one really just needed a new seat cover.  Basically we (and it is kind of a two person job), just unscrewed the seat part from the legs, took off the old cushion cover, and stretched and stapled on a new piece of fabric.  Then we reattached the seat to the legs again, and voila, a new chair for the bedroom!  Everybody needs extra chairs, right?  Right!