Moe Speaks: Ten Throws

IMG_6137 I've trained Mom to do a new trick--are you ready for it?  Everyday when she comes home from work, we walk through the garden together looking for ripe tomatoes.  Then she sits down on the back steps and throws the ball for me ten times.  (Some days she gets distracted and does more, but it's always at least ten times.)  Isn't she a smartie?!?


Well, some days I do have to remind her a little bit.... 


C'mon Mom, let's go!  Throw it!  Throw it!!!

10 throws

Leaping through the air with the greatest of ease!

10 throws3

Flying over the ground...I'll run anywhere for my ball!

10 throws1

Chew break!

10 throws2

OK, time to get back to work.  Only...where's my ball?  Ball???  OHMYGOODNESS!  I CAN'T FIND IT!  WHERE IS MY BALL?!?  OH!  DISTRESS!  AGONY!  HEARTBREAK!!!  OH...hey, there it is....


If I can train my human to throw my ball everyday, you other doggies can too--now get out there and go for it!