Handmade Home-y Rag Bags

Rag Bag Faithful readers will know, I adore SouleMama (aka Amanda Soule).  As such, I was counting down the days to her newest book, Handmade Home, which finally came out earlier this month.

The book stresses making things out of thrifted materials, and, as such, it's as much a source of inspiration as anything.  Although it does have great instructions for each project, I find myself doing a lot of, "Hmm, if I modified this just a titch, I could use this fabric (or ribbon or whatever) that I already have," and that's exactly the point.

Small diversion:  At the old house--and really beginning as a wee lass at my mama's knee--I would just toss dirty or damp washcloths and towels straight into the washer until there were enough to do a load.  However, to get to our washer and dryer these days, we have to traverse the stairs of death.  While I do kind of love our scary basement, running up and down the stairs all the time?  Not so much! And the pile of rags and towels that were accumulating at the top of the stairs because we didn't want to walk them down all the time?  Not so much either!

Enter the "Rag Bag" project from Handmade Home. Amanda says, "The family rag bag, the place where stained clothing, old towels, and stray socks spend the remainder of their lives as rags for cleaning, is not so common these days...." as people instead turn to paper towels and such.  But it's certainly easy to make one, nonetheless.  Although the one in the book is a bit more complicated than mine--it has a buttonhole, mine does not--it's basically just a drawstring bag.  

I made my bags out of an old sheet (purchased at a church rummage sale, which, as Amanda hints, was the mother-lode of gently used fabrics).  And the little "clean" and "dirty" labels were made from scraps that I already had.  I wrote on them with a paint marker, and heat set the writing with an iron.  Then I took a little inspiration from etsy seller chasing lightening bugs, and made my drawstring casing by sewing a strip of leftover binding tape on the outside of the bags.  The only brand new thing I bought for this project was a little bit of twill tape to use as the actual drawstring.

One bag for clean rags coming up from the basement.  One for the dirty ones that need to go down.  Problem solved!  Thanks SouleMama!  :)