Wee Knits and Bits

We have a little trio of couples we know who are having or have had wee ones lately.  I like the idea of knitting for babies--there's something so wonderful about putting just a little bit of wishes and hope and all sorts of other good stuff in every little stitch--it's kind of like being a good fairy.  (And, by nature, baby things are small, so my patience generally doesn't run out before the project is done--a bonus!)

For these three....


....a perfect little pink hat.  (It's the Cotton Hat from Last Minute Knitted Gifts in Nature's Choice Organic Cotton.)


....a "ribbety bibbety"--sorry I can't help myself!  (The Simple Baby Bib in Fresco.)  What's that on top of it, you ask?  Let's zoom in for a closer look....


Why that would be a tiny baby spoon that my talented Sweet Husband decided to whip up for this particular little guy.  It has his name and birthday inscribed on the back, and--to steal a phrase from a friend--it's so cute it makes my ovaries hurt!  

And the third project?

I'm not sure I can talk extensively about that one yet.  It was the One-Piece Baby Kimono from Mason-Dixon Knitting, but it died in during blocking.  (Non-rust proof pin + white sweater = &*%^!)  But, there is no failure if you learned something, yes?  And now that I know where the pitfalls are, I think the second go round will be better anyway.  Silver lining, guys, silver lining.