Barefoot Bloggers: A Cupcake Comparison, Sort Of


This month's Barefoot Bloggers recipes were both cakes.  Susy of Everyday Gourmet chose the Contessa's Birthday Sheet Cake, and Mary of Passionate Perseverance chose Beatty's Chocolate Cake.  I decided to make both recipes as cupcakes for our housewarming party.

Both baked up beautifully, but I noticed that the batter for the chocolate ones tasted a little funny, so I made a point to try one as they came out of the oven.  They tasted like air...which is not so much what you want cupcakes to taste like!  A careful retracing of my steps revealed that I had forgotten the sugar--oops!  Into the trash they went.

The "sheet" cupcakes (which I added a titch of orange flavoring to, instead of the lemon zest) were duly frosted and set out for the party.  (FYI--half the recipe made about 20 cupcakes.)  Reputedly, they were really good, and they must have been because they all disappeared before I got a chance to try one or even take a picture--oops!  (The picture at the top is one I took a few weekends ago at a bakery.  It was a good cupcake too, though!)

Despite the oopses, what I can say is that the recipes were both easy.  The batter for the "sheet" cupcakes tasted awesome, and the icing (try to ice cupcakes without getting some on your fingers) was pure heaven.  As to the chocolate cupcakes, I think they would have been nice if not for my mistake--they smelled nice, even with the mistake.  Not much of cupcake comparison really, but there you go!