(Finally) Picking the Peppers


With it now officially being the start of Fall--and a chilly start of Fall, at that--I had to finally give up on the idea that it might get hot enough for my peppers to color up any more than they already have.  They were starting to get nibbled at by bugs too, so earlier this week I picked my "Holy Mole" plant clean, and grabbed the last few lingering bell peppers and baby tomatoes too.  

I also had to crack open one tomatillo (yup, that's definitely what they are) just to see what they look like inside.  As they're not full-grown yet, the rest will stay on the plant for as long as I can let them without danger of frost.

The mole peppers went straight to the dehydrator, the bell peppers to the freezer, and the tomatoes to my and Moe-Moe's bellies.