The Grocery List: Fall is a Good Food Season


I've gotten out of the habit of posting these, but I'm really excited about this week's grocery list.  (Yes, I'm easily excitable.  And kind of a geek.  But I embrace it.)  

All of a sudden it's so very Fall here.   I've pulled my sweaters out of storage, and the down comforter is officially on the foot of the bed.  It smells like leaves and the furnace being turned on for the first time.  (Which is actually just the dust burning, but it's a wonderful smell anyway!)  It's chilly in the mornings, amazing in the afternoons, getting dark earlier....mmmm!  And so many people are posting such wonderful cozy, soul-warming recipes--it's going to take me all season to try them all!  

This week's list:

 (Picture c/o: penseroso / CC BY-NC 2.0)