I wanted something to cover the TV when we weren't watching it--I was thinking like this--but the budget wouldn't allow for anything "professional".  So I bought a canvas and some paint and brushes and Sweet Husband and I danced on the lawn with it like wild paint pixies.  (Truly, I think we were the neighbors' favorite entertainment for the night.)  Two observations:

1. I can't remember the last time I gathered up a bunch of paint and just played with it without worrying about making something "good".  Actually, I take that back, I do remember, and I was in high school.  I painted a piece of plywood with my feet.  It needs to not be ten years before I play with paint again because it was way fun.  

2. Paint splatters are like cloud shapes.  Upper left-hand corner?  Poodle in a bow tie.  Blue blob almost dead center?  A ukulele.  Years of fun, I tell you, years of fun!