Dewey's Books: Broken For You

This is my last book for the Dewey's Books challenge.  Dewey was the author of a very prolific book blog called "The Hidden Side of the Leaf".  When she died at the end of last year, some other book bloggers decided to get together a reading challenge in her memory.  The idea was to read one book from each of the six years Dewey blogged.  Dewey's blog is no longer online, and even the challenge itself seems to have fallen into that black hole that the internet can be.

I'm actually really sad about this.  It's such a rare--and often awkward--thing to connect with someone over the internet.  Even more so when the person is dead.  But, as I've said in past reviews, after reading some books with her and learning what she thought of them, I think we would have been friends.  In a way it feels like we are friends, weird as that is....



For my last book, I read Broken For You by Stephanie Kallos.  I can't tell you what Dewey thought of it, of course, because her blog is down, but I enjoyed it quite a bit.  

There are two main characters, really.  Margaret is a lonely, older lady who has been diagnosed with a brain tumor and given a short time to live.  After being diagnosed, she goes to a restaurant and asks the waitress what she would do under similar circumstances.  The waitress tells her something along the lines of, "I would break all of the barriers I've put up for myself in relationships."  This inspires Margaret to get a roommate, Wanda, a young stage manager.

The rest of the story is a beautiful metaphor.  Broken--and even cursed--china making new art.  Broken people making new families.  And some sadness at the end, but sadness of the kind that makes you smile through your tears.


As a recap, here are the other books I read for the challenge and my reviews.  Once again, thanks Dewey, wherever you are, for the awesome recommendations....