My Dehydrator Runneth Over


The dehydrator?  Running constantly these days.  Truly, I'm learning that you can dry anything.  

To the left, some habeneros that we got as a housewarming gift.  I know most of them would have gone to waste if I hadn't had a way to dry them--because really, how many 200,000 Scoville unit peppers can you eat in a week?--but now there's one for every pot of chili we'll make this winter.

To the right, apple chips.  We got an apple corer as a housewarming gift too, and, in combination with the dehydrator, it's making me a happy, happy girl.  It takes about three minutes to core and slice enough apples to fill the dehydrator, and the resulting apple chips are my new favorite "after-school" snack.