Quickie Gift Sacks


I went to wrap those little knitted pressies the other day and realized I had nothing to wrap them in.  What I did have was a cabinet full of fabric scraps and some leftover rick-rak.  Can you guess where this is going?


  • Step 1--fold a piece of fabric in half with the wrong right sides together and sew up the sides.  
  • Step 2--keeping the bag inside out, fold over the top to make a "rim" and sew around the bottom edge of it.
  • Step 3--cut a long piece of rick-rak, find the center of it, and stitch it to the back side of the bag at the height you want the bow to be--insert present, tie it up, and you're done.

Oh, and FYI, everything after step 1 is optional.  You could just cut the top with pinking shears to make it look neat and wrap the rick-rak around without sewing it on.  (I promise, people will be so blinded with awe by the fact that "you made the wrapping too!" that they won't notice if it's not absolutely perfect.  Or, at least, they won't tell you they notice, so, you know, same difference!) 

These were quick enough that I might even use them to make some re-usable Christmas wrappings this year!