The Restorative Powers of Risotto

We both get home, maybe it's Monday, maybe the day's been a little rough...a few more bad facts than usual on my end...a few unreasonable customers on Sweet Husband's...and, after looking at the list o' possible dinners for the week, one of us sighs a little and says, "Let's have risotto."  


I start chopping an onion, while Sweet Husband gets the stock warming.  The chopping is nice, rhythmic.  The stock smells like warmness.  The onion goes into a different pan, sizzling a little, and then the stirring begins.  

And the stirring is the key, I think.

Once the onion is translucent and the whole kitchen smells delicious, the rice goes into the mix.  More stirring, until the little grains of rice start to sound "clicky" in the pan.  A bit of alcohol--wine when we have a bottle lying around, scotch when we don't--and the smell only gets better...I could get drunk on the smell.  

From there it's stock, stir, stock, stir...we end up taking turns stirring a lot, Sweet Husband stirring in big circles, me in little figure-eights...until it's done.  Sometimes the add-ins go in earlier, sometimes not until the last.  

However it comes together, we both end up feeling better by the end of it--and that's before we even take a bite!  Risotto is the official comfort food of the C-A household.

Here are some of my favorites:

Do you have a risotto recipe I should try?

(Picture c/o fimbrethil / CC BY 2.0)