Crooked Coasters

Our dining room table began life as, funnily enough, a dining room table that belonged to Sweet Husband's grandparents.  For some reason--everyone is fuzzy on the details--Nice Grandparents decided to cut the pedestal that was on it down, and make it into a coffee table.  It lived that way happily for many years, until Nice Grandparents down-sized and Nice Mom-In-Law saved the table from being sold at their auction.  Nice MIL had it all re-finished and re-pedestaled beautifully, but she really didn't have any place to put it.  Nice In-Laws host enough great big dinners that they need a table capable of being really large--which they already have--and this one isn't.  I believe this is how we lucked into it.

What does this have to do with coasters?  Well, here's the thing, the table is pretty enough on top that I hate the idea of covering it up with tablecloths and the like.  But if we put drinks on it without protection, it most certainly will not be pretty for very long.  Hence, coasters.

To that end, I joined a coaster swap on swap-bot.  (Which is a new thing I'm dabbling in lately.)  I decided to make these crooked coasters for my partner, and, while I was at it, to make a set for myself as well.

I did the coasters I sent away with plain white thread, which was nice and neutral, but for myself I think I like the colored thread better.

You have to love a sewing project where the point of the thing is to make it crooked and wonky, yes?  Well, I do, anyway!