Garlic's in the Ground, Bring it On Winter


Just in time, I think, we planted garlic this weekend.  I ordered bulbs from Seed Savers, and set the delivery date for the first week of October--usually the perfect time to hit that "after the first light frost" window that Seed Savers recommends.

While we technically haven't had a frost yet, it's definitely been chilly.  And the prickling of my cold little nose is making me a little afraid that instead of a "light frost" we're going to just get a plain old freeze that's going to last until March.

I'm totally OK with that.  I still fondly remember the year that it snowed on Halloween, and didn't melt until Valentine's Day.  It would absolutely make my year if this winter could be like that, as long as my yarn and wine stashes don't run out.  (Chances = slim.)

And as long as I was able to get the garlic in the ground first, which is now safely taken care of.

(From left to right above, the varieties I planted are "Broadleaf Czech", "Russian Giant", "Samarkand [Persian Star]", and "German Extra Hardy".  For some garlic planting how-to, check out "How to Grow Great Garlic" from Author Mom with Dogs.)