Peace on Couch


Let there be peace...on my couch.

This rare moment brought to you by Moe's haircut.

Really.  See, part of the reason we usually get Moe groomed in late September is so his hair has a chance to grow back in a little before it gets too cold.  That way we only have one really cold hair cut each year (the pre-Christmas grooming), and thus less sweater wearing required.

Except this year the weather hasn't really cooperated, so we've had to pull out the sweatshirt early.  There has also been some massive cuddling going on, with whatever warm body is willing and convenient.  Porter has been sweetly (and oddly) patient about this.  So much so that a few nights ago I decided to see what would happen if I tucked Moe into bed with her.  

It was a complete failure, but not for the reason I thought it would be.  I fully expected Porter to tell Moe to get the hell off her bed.  Instead, Moe refused to sleep with Porter.  After moving him from our bed to Porter's three or four times, he got off Porter's bed and went to "the dog bed" instead.

So much for gratitude!