Spinning Wheel Got to Go 'Round

I took a spinning class last weekend.  You know, like, the on-a-spinning-wheel, Sleeping-Beauty, making-yarn kind of spinning?  Never having been much of a drug user (I inhaled once or twice perhaps, but all-in-all I was kind of a goody-two-shoes), I can't say for sure, but I think I must be feeling a little like a junkie after her first taste.  I've spun yarn, and I WANT MORE!

Seriously.  I'm kinda lusting after a spinning wheel.  Picking one out, planning where it's going to live at my house.  And the price tag?  Eh, what's money when you're madly in love?

And it's not that I need more yarn ('cause I don't), or that I have a problem with buying it already made (definitely not), it's just that this nubby, wild skein of yarn was so much crazy-fun to make.

The teacher of my class said it looks kind of like a bag of candy.  Which had me constantly humming, "I smell sex and candy here...." (Marcy's Playground, circa 1997) as I knit it into a knobby little Halloween appropriate scarf.