Preserved Lemons--Make Some!

IMG_6880 Sometime this summer, preserved lemons made the rounds of the food blogging circuit.  I made up a batch as an experiment, and now I don't think I'd want to cook without them.

I use them when something needs salt.  I use them when something needs lemons.  What recipe doesn't need salt or lemons or both?  And they're so nice because, if you only need a bit of lemon, you can use just a bit of lemon without the rest drying out before you remember to get back to it.

The best directions I've found (and the ones I used) are here.  Although the lemons will reputedly last forever, I wouldn't make more than you can use in three months or so.  I made my first batch in July and by the last lemon wedge (Wednesday, this week) they were getting a wee bit over-salty and having to be rinsed quite a bit.  

This is batch number 2, started in late September and almost ready to go!