Via Snail Mail

I love getting mail.  Mail is awesome.  Especially when it's not bills or catalogs or advertisements, but rather something fun and personal.  In that vein, I signed up for a few different little mail swaps this Fall.


The first was the Snail Mail Revolution over at Apples for Poppy Anne.  The idea--pack up a little box of nothings from around your house, toss in a letter, and use the mail to communicate.  (I know, what a novel, old-fashioned thought!)  I was paired with the wonderful Andrea, to whom I sent the following goodies:


In return, came an envelope full of all kinds of happy things: 

I literally squealed when I saw the little Harry Potter lego man--truly, ask Nice Mom, I was on the phone with her at the time.  Very fun, and thanks again Andrea!